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A new variation of femininity by Egò/Sonia De Nisco

Good morning guys!!! Re u ready for an another day on TAG? I’m very happy tho share with you this brand today. I think to be a very lucky girl, because in this period i’m just looking for what really inspires me, what i really like, i find my idea of style in many different collection, and this is great! It makes me happy!
This brand embodies a rare beauty, a genuine beauty, not contaminated by some kind of aspirations and ideas, a vision of fashion and women based on quality over quantity, the style that wins on passing trends. I’m talking about Egò/Sonia De Nisco.

The spring / summer 2014 is based on a meeting between fluids details, nuances ethereal, feminine transparency and rigor of menswear tailoring. How many times we, women, have thought about or have “stolen” something from the wardrobe of our man? Well, this collection goes beyond the simple steal the shirt or t-shirt, this collection draws heavily from men’s fashion, it borrows full tone on tone, but reinvents them and adds details, as geometric patterns and browser in contrast, stronger colors such as blue and coral to touch eccentric pants, available in vertical and horizontal stripes, tartan and green tropical leaves that appear in the distance. 

The structured jackets are often combined with maxi skirts, tunic dresses to slim silhouette and silk blouses that they find their backs, because a touch of seduction never hurts on a woman. The bright colors, vibrant, full of life, are mixed and accompanied with more muted colors and delicate, matching white T-shirt / jeans are enhanced by the quality of the fabrics, exciting lines and soft details. There are certainly clothes for the evening, where black reigns supreme and is allied with transparency, necklines and perforated fabrics for a ruthless game of seduction. 
If I were to say what is the piece that is most congenial to me, I’d say certainly that the image you see above. On perfect outfit for the day, as it is proposed, and perfect for the evening with a simple pair of sandals or decollettes. And, as soon as possible, i’ll show you fabulous shoes of this collection. I know you will love them 😉

What can i say? AStanding Ovation for Egò/Sonia De Nisco!

Pictures: Antress Press Office

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