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A new interpretation of eyewear thanks to CrossEyes

Søren Møller
Happy Saturday girls! If I seem happy just because yesterday I enjoyed an afternoon full of fragrant grass is wet. Oh yeah, it rained all afternoon, it looked like the initial phase of autumn, and what can you do? My spirit bucolic / romantic had the better of the rest. A perfect day to stay at home and read one of my favorite books… A few days ago, I received an email very interesting, especially for someone like me who wears glasses, I do not say that I look like Harry Potter, but when they are not around in the city and I’m home, if I read or work much to the PC, I prefer to wear them rather than contact lenses for eyes. But I would be more inclined to wear glasses if they were as beautiful as those of the brand of which I speak today. Known during latest London Fashion Week in February, I’ll talk about CrossEyes.

Founded by Søren Møller, brand has seven shops, opened in just four years and more on the way,  and Mr Møller is well on his way to realise his vision – internationally too, that is “hange the eyewear industry”,  and he has also expansion plans for the UKThe newest CrossEyes-Shop has just opened abroad, CrossEyes London, in London’s trendy Clerkenwell area. The success of the brand depends incredible passion for design creations that Mr Møller proposes. The CrossEyes frames have been developed in cooperation with suppliers around the world, and the inspiration is taken from the classic design of frames, going all the way back to the 1920’s. One thing they all have in common: Individuality. “In a very old fashioned and mainstream oriented industry, we get our inspiration from more dynamic life-style industries, primarily the world of fashion” sayd Søren Møller, who is the only Danish eyewear chain offering original Japanese eyewear in hand carved wood. Of course, the eyewear has never been more cool 😉 Among hundreds of models, everyone can find the model best suited to your face and your style. Do not miss this name.

Pictures: CrossEyes Press Office

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