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A new era of goddesses on the beach by Marianna G

Hello girls!!! You have no idea how i’m thrilled for today’s post! When the brand has responded to the email Ale, ohhh I was too happy! Known while I was in England, Marianna G is a brand of remarkable success. Founded in 2014, the brand was created by Marianna Goulandris, a young designer of Greek heritage with a sophisticated sense of London fashion. Her aim? Create ‘little black dress’ of swimwear”. Born and raised in London, Miss Goulandris studied Fashion Styling at Instituto Marangoni followed by The London College of Fashion where she specialised in Swimwear Design.


In the creation of her own line of swimwear, designer is influenced by its Greek origins. The shapes of the bikinis wrap the body, wrapping it and emphasizing it. In ancient Greece, the harmonious forms of the female body were enhanced, the goddesses were represented with bursting bodies but always very graceful, very feminine. So, the designer is inspired by this vision of the woman, but reinterpreted in a modern key very pop. In fact, she brings to the stage vibrant colors that liven up the tribal and animal prints. In addition, the materials used are of high quality, which allows you to have an elegant collection devoid of unnecessary frills. Who says on the beach you can not be stylish?! The collection also includes beach wear: caftans and dresses as light as feathers, playing with colors and transparency. You can play at being divas or supermodel, in fact Glamazons as Heidi Klum and Elle Macpherson wore pieces make a statement and bring instant edge to a stylish beach wardrobe. Personally, I believe that the trikini are real “must-have”, such as the leather biker jacket, white T-shirt, denim and the right cocktail dress. White trikini are the absolute masterpieces, If ever I’ll have one, I swear to you that I will fulfill the best photoshoot done so far! What’s your favorite? In the meantime, let yourself be seduced by the beauty of these creations of Marianna G.

 Pictures: Marianna G. Press Office

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