A little bit of country style, a little bit of rock and roll

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what is the coolest brand in the realm? … MANGO!

I don’t know if  it’s necessary to have magical powers, such as quellid elle fairy tales, to understand when a brand is too cool to not be able to love. And I definitely love Mango. Do you remember that a few weeks ago I posted the pictures of the fashion show? Well a few days ago, the outputs are images of the new advertising campaign, and how could I not show them to you? This campaign captures the spirit of the brand and of the wearer. A simple philosophy to understand: being cool does not mean being excessive, but themselves. Be unique.
The parades show the collection but does not give a good idea of a collection, because it is easy to get distracted by something else. For example, when I go to fashion shows in London, I am enchanted by the environment, the music, the people present and the show as a whole. Only later, I realized what I’ve seen. Sure, it’s nice to go to fashion shows, but an advertising campaign helps to better focus on what we’re going to wear.
For this, Canadian model Daria Werbowy returns to work with Mango, and as always brings its allure magic to the collection, wearing casually and getting in tune with the landscape some of the new collection’s camel, khaki, natural and cozy knit offerings, plus a notable chic, winter white look.
It’s a collection that leads the mind to the campaign, but he does want to be in town. An internal dualism that takes place in clothing style a little country, a little bit rock and roll.
And at the end of the post you can watch Mango Premium Limited Edition Collection.  I can not describe to you the three adjectives: simple, sophisticated, minimal.

For the rest of Mango’s world, stay tuned! Collection is not over

Mango Premium Limited Edition Collection

Pictures: Mango Official

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