Work Bitch, and Good Sunday ;-)

Good Sunday!! Eh, nice weather is finally come, the warm sun makes you want to go to the beach, and it means: are u ready for “bikini-body test”???? Oh yes, every year women have the same problem, me too, be ready for the beach. So, from the month of March, you need to start dieting and doing gymnastic exercises, though they generally do not do, and then after Easter, the “hard work” becomes daily. One can not get to the beach with the cellulite and flabby tummy!
Never as in this period, when I think I have to do Zumba in my mind the words of a song by Britney Spears (slightly edited): do you want a hot body, you want to be toned? You have to work bitch!

If like me you do not like going to the gym, below I will suggest to you some simple exercises that you can do at home all day alone. Simple fitness exercises that make the muscles work in different parts of the body. But if fitness is not your thing, after a bit of healthy stretch, and want to try something more challenging, I would recommend Zumba: I do it at home, since I have the Nintendo Wii, but even if you have not I can help you. 
On Youtube, I found Zumba instructor really very good, and ovvimante I enrolled in its channel. His choreography, as well as being very beautiful and sensual, they are very useful, because they do work properly throughout the body. Half an hour of Zumba per day and you will see the results very soon. The istruttice Zumba is called Sid Vicious, and the motto of her is ” When id doubt, dance it out!”. You can find her channel here: SIdViciousVanillaSpice and here below one of my favorite dance:

and of course, Britney. And remember: YOU WANT HOT BODY? YOU HAVE TO WORK BITCH!!!!!

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