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Shopping for labels, shopping for love… I already know what my addiction is, I be looking for labels, I ain’t looking for love, I shop for purses while love walks out the door”

I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie Sex and the City, but the intro at the beginning of the film is a song by Fergie, Labels or Love. And I am always astonished that among the brands that she lists there are the usual names and a few outsiders ever. As Topshop. Considering how many girls and boys are buying from this brand, how many super top model, as Cara Delevingne, aspiring to be the face, I am always astonished at how little mentioned in “such occasions.” Would like to achieve a certain status in the fashion world.
If last week I showed you the ad campaign with Miss Delevingne (you can see it again by clicking here), today I show you a collection of shoes from this brand. Because let’s face it: if you go to London and not go at least once in a Topshop store, then it means that fashion, English, you did not understand anything, and you have not felt part of the soul of the city.
Space to ankle boots: you can not understand how happy I am! Why next to the ballerinas, I love the ankle boots, and even biker boots, and as always this brand gives me the chance to go shopping in London (London, here I come!). This type of shoes, perfect for autumn and winter, have a key role in the look of next season. Topshop offers different models, versions in leather or real leather in dark tones such as black, gray and brown and forms the outer platform with platform and high heel. In this section, can not miss the biker boot with buckles glam rock along the upper, models with low heel or a couple of inches, even in versions with suede panels alternated with matte leather. Space then cruissard boots, more intriguing by the strings dating back leg. In the field of pumps, are charming heeled pointy high-heeled sandals and winter to match the look more refined.

Now my question is only one: my suitcase will be big enough to hold everything that I would buy, or is it better to buy another suitcase for all purchases?

Pictures: Topshop Official
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