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Good Wednesday girls!!! It seems that today i’ll finally have my internet line today! Four days without being able to connect to the internet, I have certainly done well, and I believe that no matter how tragic it was at the beginning, after I realized that it was a good thing. Sometimes, it is good to disconnect from technology. When i opened email i found this amazing news. Last 30 April at the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design, The Industry has celebrated Lulu Guinness’s 25th anniversary exclusively with fellowIndustry member, Hilary Alexander. For the uninitiated, Lulu Guinness is a British accessories fashion designer, she is the proof how one of Britain’s most cherished accessory designers parlayed one little handbag into a global brand. 

The Industry exists to unite and evolve the global fashion community, and connects the very people who are shaping the future of fashion and it operates as a vetted members organisation, allowing for select media to attend events. The Industry’s managing director Courtney Blackman is an established London-based entrepreneur working across the fashion industry.
For her  25-year career, Miss Guinness produced a collectable silver clutch to celebrate, and she said: ” I think that my 25th anniversary handbag, a mirrored lip clutch is actually the most beautiful bag I have ever made“. And I totally agree with Lulu. The bags are made very glamorous accessories, unusual shapes but captivating, very ironic, funny, for witty women who do not take themselves too seriously, while remaining self confident.

She has never been a conventional fashion designer, she has remained outside of the patterns of fashion, managing to be a style icon of our temples, a creator of unique accessories. “I wasn’t drawn to fashion,” explained Lulu ” I loved glamour and I loved old-style glamour. I started by designing briefcases – but people used to say to me, we want bags that look like you do”. Her brand has been created in 1989, when Lulu was 29 years old, creating briefcases that have become rapidly rose baskets. It was a surreal idea that sold, but it was not strange for Miss Guinness who has always pursued her ideas, while remaining faithful to them.
When people say to me what’s your inspiration I don’t get it because I have ideas all day, everyday, just rushing into my head. As if to demonstrate, Lulu opened the meeting by showing the room her brand new virtual press day box, complete with popcorn and champagne.

An evening with a high level of glamour, creativity, and very, very fun.

ps: my favorite fashion journalist, Hilary Alexander, was there. I don’t lose her articles in the Telegraph, this woman than to know a lot about fashion is a real source of inspiration!

Hilary Alexander

Pictures: Fran Hales for The Industry – Forward PR

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