Body che passione!Diamo uno sguardo al must have più sensuale

Uno dei grandi trend di stagione, già confermato anche per il prossimo autunno/inverno, è il body. A fine anni ottanta, già faceva capolino nei guardaroba, e, nei nighthies, è stato un must vero e proprio. Dopo un bel po’ di anni d’oblio, in cui era rimasto relegato a capo di biancheria intima, è tornato ad essere […]

Wanted Badly


One day, my adorable friend Ale told me “oh, I’d like to go out wearing only bustier and corset, with high heels, of course”. At first sight, i thought “she is crazy” but after  thought about the thing, and I told myself that if I was braver, I would do it myself.

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Ideas for Christmas gifts


 Christmas time is coming and i have no idea what to buy for my friends. You know, i love this period of the year, but make gifts … what a mess! I’m better at receiving gifts that make them. But i have to do my part, so, let the mess begins! Leggi di più a proposito di Ideas for Christmas gifts

Angels vs Models


Chanel or Victoria’s Secret? No, unfortunately it’s not a gift from me to you, and no, it’s not a lottery. Simply, this is the question that many models asked to themselves, or at least, what they have done a few weeks ago. Next week, London will be the scene of two spectacular events: the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and Chanel special collection fashion show. Mmm. Leggi di più a proposito di Angels vs Models