Trend SS2017 – è l’ora del bralette

La primavera è arrivata portando con sé il sole, le belle giornate e la voglia di osare indossando capi colorati ed eccentrici che mettono in risalto le nostre forme. L’ultimo trend della nuova stagione, super sexy e scollato, è il bralette: un capo a metà tra un top e un reggiseno. Il bralette può variare in […]


Trend A/I 2016-2017: i Mini Pull impazzano nei nostri guardaroba

Col passare degli anni i Trend diventano sempre originali e interessanti, ogni anno le novità sono tantissime e c’è l’imbarazzo della scelta. Per le nuove stagione, c’è un Trend tra tutti che impazza, i Mini Pull. Oramai i designer hanno lanciato l’idea di proporre tutto in versione “Mini”, dagli accessori agli stessi abiti. Le più […]


Il nuovo concetto di formalità firmata Eleventy

Durante la Milano Moda Uomo, lo stile Eleventy stravolge i suoi canoni. Il fil rouge della collezione uomo dedicata alla primavera/estate 2017, prevede un nuovo concetto di formalità. Elementi dello sportswear si incrociano con dettagli classici, interpretati da tessuti solo all’apparenza tradizionali, perché leggeri e bistretch. Il risultato è un’eleganza mai impostata per un uomo pratico, […]


Inaugura a Milano il nuovo showroom CLIMBER B.C.

Nel cuore pulsante del quadrilatero della moda a Milano, inaugura il nuovo showroom CLIMBER B.C. Il 20 Giugno 2016, durante la settimana dedicata alla Moda Uomo, all’interno di uno storico e prestigioso palazzo in Via Borgonuovo 12, il brand CLIMBER B.C ha mostrato al pubblico le sue nuove collezioni per la stagione estiva 2017. Il […]


Summer Holidays 2016 : cosa metto in valigia?

Pierre Desproges dice: “Vivere in città ad agosto e vivere al mare a giugno è l’ultima aristocrazia e la rara eleganza del villeggiante d’estate”. E allora cos’altro aspettare? Prepariamo i bagagli e partiamo per le nostre vacanze estive 2016! Vi starete chiedendo: cosa metto in valigia? Ogni anno il dilemma ci assale… L’importante è avere le idee […]


The Best&Worst Street Style at Fall 2016 Fashion Weeks

La Paris Fashion Week è giunta al termine, è dunque tempo della resa dei conti. La ville lumière si porta via stilisti, passerelle, modelli e modelle, abiti mozzafiato ma soprattutto il meglio e il peggio dello street style. Giornalisti, reporter, addetti ai lavori, fashion blogger e stylist ci hanno mostrato, durante le quattro settimane della moda, […]


Walking with Gina


When i go to London, everytime, i like to discover new places, new stores, specially if it’s vintage. (Vintage is better. Don’t forget). But occasionally i found something on Instagram and i take a note to remember where i wanna go when i’ll be there. This time, i’ll go to discover Gina. Leggi di più a proposito di Walking with Gina


Fall is coming

Ok ok i know that it’s not time for fall, that we have to wait for that wonderful period  of time. The truth is i love cold. I love snow ( not only Jon). I love rain. But for a cruel play of destiny i live in an place where, at the moment, the weather is hot, 35C. So yesterday i decided to make a training session for my mind, and i imagined all cold things and places. Bu after the italian version of Grazia gave to me an intende moment of happiness: all fall trends for accessories.  Leggi di più a proposito di Fall is coming


Vintage evening in Taormina


It has been a long,long, too much long time from the last time i wrote here. I needed time for me,  my jobs, my life. You know, there is a moment in the life in which you want to turn off youe mobile phone, your accounts, your fb. Well, that was my moment. I read many books, discovered new bands and new music,  spent time at the beach ( if you follow me on snapchat you know follow me on snapchat  cristinaizzo), but i felt nostalgic, i missed my blog, so i’m back. Few weeks, i was in Taormina, wih Ale, at San Domenico Hotel for David Grossman Press Presentation new book. I opted for a vintage look, with a printed longuette dress and my beloved vintage black wedges. I completed the look with black leather bag. After the presentation in that stunning location, we went to Daiquiri, a nice bar for an after party.  Girls just wanted to have fun

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Caramella Summer Edition




“Summer dreams, ripped at the seams, Bu-ut oh, those summer nights! Tell me more, tell me more!”, i confess i adored and still adore Grease. Even if i don’t love too much summer time, it’s true that it’s that period of the year during which you can wear bright colors and don’t be inappropriate. Well, i love summer accessories for this reason. I’m that kinda of firl who wear denim shorts and white tishrt, but i add a touch of colors with accessories and Caramella Preziosa latest creations are perfect. Leggi di più a proposito di Caramella Summer Edition


Bags Corner


TheAuburnGirl at Topshop

 During London Fashion Week, i found a morning for me ( What!!?!?! Seriously!?!?!), and i spent part of a morning around the City with my friend Irene. Girls time, shopping time. Oh guys, it sounds so good! Cuz it was, we enjoyed the City. What better place than Oxford Circus for shopping? Leggi di più a proposito di Bags Corner


Cinderella Party at Somerset House


Ohh, two days of London Fashion Week and i am so happy and tired. I met two funny and incredible girls, i interviewed one of them for and when i’ll come back to Italy, you have my word i’ll write everything, but in the meantime don’t miss my articles about LFW, stay tuned! Well, Yesterday afternoon, after a fashion show and waiting for the next one, i remember i received an invitation to a party. So if you receive an invitation, do you say no? Of course you say yes!!

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H&M loves Coachella

Finally it’s out! H&M Collection for Coachella is ready. Ahhh, i don’t know if i can’t wait 12th March. Are you ready to fight to have a piece of it? I don’t know if i love more Coachella or H&M right now, but i think i opt for both of them. I leave you to look […]



   The sky is grey and i’m a mess. Why? Cuz i have no idea what to pack for Fashion Weeks. Seriously?! Yes, i’m a fashion editor with no idea what to wear, tonight to have party with my besties, or for Fashion Week. My closet in a luggage? XDXD It’s a dream that will […]


Never without a t-shirt

 Everytime i read an interview or an article on fashion newspaper, i noticed there is always a question and the same answer, everytime. It can be a super topmodel, an it girl, an actress or what you want but when you ask to one of them “what’s your must-have?”, in 99% the answer is the white tshirt. Leggi di più a proposito di Never without a t-shirt



Everytime i started to think about my next travel, i feel that well know feeling everytime: joy / fear. Two mixed feelings but they represent me well. I’m scared because I never know what to expect from a trip, which it reserves unknowns to me, and I feel joy because I love to travel, pack my bags (yes, I’m […]




 When i was young, my grandmother used to say purple was the color of those who looks for a thrill, it enhances the creativity and imagination. For her, black was the color of the death, i tried to explain her that Coco Chanel said the opposite. My grandmother had strong convictions, and it was almost impossible to change her mind. What happens if you combine these two colors together? Leggi di più a proposito di Infinity



You know i love music very much, and above all I love to discover new talents in music and fashion. So, you can imagine how i like to mix together my two passions. And yesterday H&M gave this chance. I was looking for something to take with me for the Fashion Week, when i read something that […]