E’ tempo di stampe: torna la check mania

” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]   Ricordate quando negli anni novanta si vestiva a quadretti? Ebbene, la moda, questa primavera diventa geometrica e gioca con la stampa tartan, come faceva nei fantastici ninethies. Il motivo check in tanti colori, svecchiato rispetto alle classiche proposte, è utilizzato su gonne, camicie, pantaloni, e, perfino, borse, costumi da bagno e scarpe in […]

Ideas for Christmas gifts


 Christmas time is coming and i have no idea what to buy for my friends. You know, i love this period of the year, but make gifts … what a mess! I’m better at receiving gifts that make them. But i have to do my part, so, let the mess begins! Leggi di più a proposito di Ideas for Christmas gifts

Christmas denim


All i want for Christmas is… not Cara Delevingne, but Pepe Jeans London Collection. Mariah Carey song is the most popular during this period, i don’t like the version with J.Bibier, but degustibus non est disputandum. If i have to be honest, i like yto listen Frank Sinatra song in this period, i know it’s old style but i love it. It’s strange and crazy as my latest ideas for Christimas outfit. Denim for Christmas? Oh yes please!! Leggi di più a proposito di Christmas denim

Don’t waste… tartan


On the road… i’m on the road for make a little photo shoot as Caramella Girl. Curious? Well, stay tuned. Everytime i have to do this things, i get nervous, because I do not think I’m up to it, and already I feel my friends voices who say “Cris, stop, go right, you’re nice.” OK, I know, I lack self-esteem, but how many of you girls have every day the self-esteem that goes up to a thousand? If you are so blessed, and if you have any suggestions, you know where to write. Leggi di più a proposito di Don’t waste… tartan

Like a doll


These days are a bit lively. As Caramella girl, i’ve planned two photo shoots, one was not enough, too quiet, or maybe it’s true that I like to complicate my life. Who knows. But while i look for my next outfit (thanks God, i have Ale in my life!!) and makeup, I also organize giveaway, always in partnership with with  Caramella Jewels.  Leggi di più a proposito di Like a doll

Cheek to cheek


Christmas is that period of the year when everyone remembers to be good, but unfortunately in this bad world, the good is needed every day to change it. Yesterday, it has been launched the new version of the song Do they know it’s Christmas time by Band Aid, and this time it helps to stop the virus, Ebola. Leggi di più a proposito di Cheek to cheek

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A cup of cheer


“Have a holly jolly Christmas, It’s the best time of the year”, everytime i think of Christmas, this song starts in my ming, with the voice of Frank Sinatra. Ahh what beautiful time! Few days ago, i was looking for some outfits for Christimas on Google Plus (yes, i use it more than Fb, sorry), and i saw the latest Christmas collection by Forever21. Stop, stop, stop! Leggi di più a proposito di A cup of cheer