Oh my Reiss!


 Does exist the perfect accessory? Oh, I have many interesting theories about it, I believe for example that not all brands can create accessories, for lack of originality. I have many questions and few certainties but those are unshakable.  Leggi di più a proposito di Oh my Reiss!

The six list


What do you want in your closet? No,i’m not crazy, but it’s a shor story. You know that i don’t want to receive gifts for my birthday (19 December) or for Christmas. Not this year. Don’t ask me why, but i don’t want. But two days ago, i was walking around my city with my mum and we were looking at the windows store. and i sart to think Leggi di più a proposito di The six list

Don’t waste… tartan


On the road… i’m on the road for make a little photo shoot as Caramella Girl. Curious? Well, stay tuned. Everytime i have to do this things, i get nervous, because I do not think I’m up to it, and already I feel my friends voices who say “Cris, stop, go right, you’re nice.” OK, I know, I lack self-esteem, but how many of you girls have every day the self-esteem that goes up to a thousand? If you are so blessed, and if you have any suggestions, you know where to write. Leggi di più a proposito di Don’t waste… tartan