Some rules for the perfect, and right, tan

Happy Sunday nice ladies! The nice weather has arrived, the temperatures are rising and there is nothing better than lying in the sun for a while? But to do this, we must be cautious. Expose yourself to sunlight can be enjoyable, having the complexion with a golden tan is the height of sensuality, but to have all that you need to pay attention. First you have to expose yourself in due time slots, no from noon to four pm for example, and then you need to use the right creams for body, hair and face. 
Do not you want to have the body marred by unsightly sunspots? A tan without taking the proper precautions can lead to serious damage, in recent weeks the Australian actor Hugh Jackman has launched its own campaign against sun exposure without precautions: the actor has in fact recently removed the tumor according to the skin, due precisely for this reason.

Here for you, I have selected a number of products that I use all the usual summers, I apply the cream 20 minutes before going to sea, and during exposure to apply again every hour or after swimming in the sea. The sun protection factors are high, as I had clear skin, but every year I manage to have a healthy, uniform, golden, almost perfect tan. The face creams should be applied every day, even when you do not go to sea, to prevent wrinkles make their appearance together with stains. Oh yeah, if you do not know it yet, excessive tanning causes premature aging of the skin. Do you wish to have and maintain the perfect tan? Here are some tips dermatologists: 

Always protect yourself with sunscreen of good quality, as those of this post

Healthy Eating: Eat foods rich in water and vitamins, but especially of beta carotene. Fruits and vegetables yellow or orange, like carrots, pumpkin, apricots, melons, and peaches should never miss. And also blue and red colored fruits (tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, beets, etc.), which contain vitamin C and antioxidants that strengthen the skin and make it beautiful.

Drink plenty of water, especially at the beach. There is nothing more harmful than a tan on the skin dehydrated.

Just to give breath to the skin and to stimulate more production of melanin, you must toggle the half hour that we remain at cuocerci under the sun exposed skin, in stages where we cover, taking care to use an ad hoc clothing in natural fibers and breathable

And now, you have no more excuses for the perfect tan and, above all, healthy 😉

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