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Dear men, winter is winding down, and if you feel the need to give it a rest (not just metaphorically), pass by your hairdresser of trust and treat yourself to a change!

Ciuffo laterale scapigliato per Andrea Incontri

First, consider that this year cropped cuts and drastic shaves are no longer a must, while the common thread of the new trends will be even him, the forelock! This fact defines the style of a man, who in a few gestures and with few products can adapt to different situations.

In easy contexts, the tuft moves sideways or up, the important thing is that it is soft, voluminous, in some cases almost disheveled, for a young and dynamic look.



Ciuffo ultra flat da Louis Vuitton 

While in most contexts elegant tuft is carved, as seen on the catwalk of Louis Vuitton. Here the line is markedly side, the tuft is ultra combed, almost pressed against the back of his head, to look a little dandy and definitely retro.

For all those who have hair that is very wavy or even curly, just a touch of hairspray (Pantene, Hairspray extra strong) and a bit of work to pose a tuft with a wild & free look that respects the naturalness of the Hedgehog, which has seen a lot of pleasure from Corneliani.


Finto disordine da Frankie Morello


Next to clump, which as we said can be even disheveled, confirms once again the style of ‘bedhead.’
In this case the length of the hair is moderately uniform and the entire head is disordered, but to art. In fact behind this style, apparently the fastest to implement and comfortable, hides a clever brush and gel (Biopoint, Definition Gel Extra Strong), that leaves little room for improvisation and indeed requires dexterity and patience.




Frangia dalla sfilata di Hermès

Another strength of the new season will be the fringe. Yes, this hairstyle is typically female, but was also imposed to him and there have been numerous designers who have proposed this look.
We saw an average fringe from Hermès, a full version and the classic by Costume National, Iceberg and surprises with an extra-long fringe.
This secret stolen feminine styling also allows humans to camouflage a major front or a receding hairline.
Whether you prefer the forelock, whether you dare with the fringe, the average length is the one that will prevail for the new season. Precisely this kind of length allows you to have numerous looks.

Very sleek per Calvin Klein


Here with a few gestures and especially much gel and lots of wax (Bumble and Bumble, modeling cream high definition), you can create hairstyles with a classic taste, such as those proposed by Tod’s and Ermanno Scervino, or opt for a modern sleek style.
The sleek is the “just out of the shower” effect, recreated with large amounts of gel to wet (L’Oreal Paris, Pure wet gel study line special fx), for a style like a good boy, who has emerged in shows Calvin Klein, Philip Lim and ultra wet from Kenzo.



But if the style of the good guy does not suit you, rather you want to play with a more sauvage style, do not worry. In fact, as we see from Missoni, the long hair (even over the shoulders) disappears, indeed constitutes a further possibility for this summer.

Do not forget that even the super long must be taken care of! So green light to restructuring masks (Bottega Verde, Cream balm shea butter) and shampoos against frizz (Collistar, Shampoo smooth effect immediately), regular spuntatine and above all you can pick them up in chignon when the opportunity will require a bit  of formality, or fun with knots as proposed by Christopher Shannon.


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