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I still remember when as a child, lipstick was a golden casket that I secretly got from my grandmother, and with which I painted my lips clumsily trying to imitate her. Well lipstick is always a must for every woman, and is the quintessential feminine makeup, but alas it has suffered over the years, but fortunately it has evolved and improved.
Nowadays we have many colors for lips, highly pigmented formulations that are able to withstand anything. They are innovative products that give intense and shiny colors, and have a very long lasting effect.

Kiko, Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker

That of the colors for the lips is a universe to be discovered, there are in fact several: from liquid lipsticks, the lip pencil, markers for the lips, the long-lasting gloss.
Our journey begins with markers for lips. Perhaps they first caught some attention because they have the classic form of markers for children, but you find them in perfumery. Do not be afraid! As in the case of Long Lasting Lip Colour Marker by Kiko (€ 6.900), it is a formulation based on water and highly pigmented film-forming polymers that guarantee a tattoo effect on the lips, especially thanks to the hard tip that allows a fast, precise application. Once stretched, this lip marker should be left to dry in seconds and will give you a highly opaque color with matte finish that will last all day.



& Other Stories, Say Pink Lip Gloss Applicator

The only disadvantage of this type of product is that it tends to dry out the lips, so you need to apply a little cocoa butter or lip gloss to rewet the lips several times during the course of a day. It is practical to carry one in your bag, and the perfect choice is one of the many colored lip glosses from & Other Stories.




For this reason, cosmetic companies have created more moisturizing formulations that try to overcome this problem.

Yves Saint Laurent, Volupte Tint in Oil


From this outlook, the Volupte Tint in Oil by Yves Saint Laurent (€ 29.00) was born, in which the oil nourishes lips. The pigments of the dye are sublimated in a special combination of balsamic oils that make the lips bright and plumped. The intense color is activated on contact with the lips, which will collect in a delicate way thanks to the bouche à bouche patented applicator that makes application easy, even without the use of a mirror. It is a little gem of a cosmetic that enhances femininity.





Clinique, Chubby Stick Intense

It is easy to apply the Chubby Stick Intense (€ 20.00), lip balm signed Clinique. In this case it is a matte tone enclosing a cream formula enriched with Shea Butter and Mango Butter seeds. The color is intense and the texture is smooth to the touch and does not dry the lips. It is blendable, so you can always have fun mixing different shades to create new colors.






Make Up For Ever, Aqua Rouge Liquid Lip Colour

The result is ultra-polished and professional when you use duo products, namely ones that combine colors for the lips with a fixative top coat. The formulation thus created by Make Up Forever Aqua Rouge Liquid Lip Colour (€ 28.00), allows for the application of intense color and after a few seconds, a transparent top coat that enhances the effect of the vinyl color and seals the color, making it waterproof.





Whatever formula you choose, keep in mind a few tips.

Lush, Labbrasivo


Before applying, make sure you get your lips well moisturized and without cracks to ensure a uniform application of the product, so it can be useful to do a scrub like Labbrasivo Lush based with mint, sugar and vanilla (7.95 €) .
It is also important to consider that the colors for the lips give their result after a few seconds from the application, and then don’t superimpose too many layers of color. You usually just need one layer to have an intense color.


I assure you that you will love these innovative products, which will give you the chance to play with colors (especially now that the season requires it), without worrying over smears and unsightly lipstick stains thanks to their no-transfer action.


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