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In the new booth, which combines elegance and tradition, Fendi presented at Baselworld their new watch collection for 2015.
The focal point of all the work of the fashion house is the will to emphasize its perpetual relationship (but evolving) between fashion and watchmaking.
There have been many announcements for next year, starting with the iconic model Selleria has with the slimmer silhouette and features a new dial with geometric designs, inspired by a sketch by Karl Lagerfeld in 1971 in which he created the famous case of Fendi fur. Special features of the Selleria is the interchangeability of the strap that can be Cuoio Romano, alligator, lizard teju or leather with contrasting colors. The movement pieces are made of quartz, and these watches are water resistant to 50m.
To celebrate the Roman savoir faire, Fendi has created a limited edition of this iconic model, Selleria Limited Edition of only 50 pieces covered with 203 diamonds and with strap (obviously switchable) made of Cuoio Romano and Alligator. With the purchase of a watch, the lucky buyers will also receive a hand-written letter from Silvia Venturini Fendi.
The fashion models are Crazy Carats and Fendi My Way that enhance the skill in manufacturing fur of the Maison. The first is characterized by the use of fur that becomes one with the clock, integrated with the strap and allows, by turning the crown, the appearance, one by one, three different gems. The second, however, inspired in the forms to the Roman amphitheaters, the dial has a collar of fox called Glamy. For both, they are a super exclusive, limited edition. For Crazy Carats, the steel case is covered with 481 diamonds and sapphires and a rotating mink band can be applied over the alligator strap, while Fendi My Way “plays” with 421 diamonds, Glamy in Arctic fox fur applied on a snake leather strap.
Rearranged in a contemporary version, the final templates are Chamaleon and Moment that actualize and enliven the iconic Fendi woman, with a classic but sparkling spirit.