It’s summertime and only Fabergé can amaze us with his precious jewels proposed for this season.

The  famous Russian jewellery firm has created two collections of fine jewellery, Secret Garden and Summer en Provence, which are composed of different pieces of rare charm and mystery.

The former, Secret Garden, celebrates the floral masterpieces of the Russian artist Marc Chagall; it is a collection in which Fabergé reveals his ability to capture the exact moment of the blossoming of flowers, combining colours and carats with the most precious jewels. Asymmetrical earrings, shadows and shades created by the gems, rings with precious blue or pink sapphires, colorless diamonds and bright green tsavorites give a touch of exclusivity to every Fabergé creation.

The latter collection is Summer en Provence which sums up the sunny summer landscapes in southern France, together with the deep emotions they convey. Precious stones, bright enamels, natural pearls along with the Paraiba tourmalines, make up the set of necklace, earrings and ring. The prelude of this upcoming summer collection of convertible jewellery is the finest necklace where the egg,decorated with emeralds, pearls, turquoise and diamonds, can be surprisingly torn off.

In the same collection is important to mention the fine jewellery of watches, produced in a limited set of five pieces, and which draw inspiration from a wreath of woven little flowers. Made of 18-carat white gold, each watch has a wreath of small flowers swaying in the middle of the strap of diamonds,  while on the dial there are two small bands in enamel which are signed Fabergé and then diamonds, emeralds, coloured stones and the flowers in mother-of-pearl. An extraordinary elegant timepiece which nearly achieve poetry!

Finally, we are happy to celebrate the centennial of the Fabergé Egg Pearl (the first Fabergé egg) created in the Imperial Class of 1917 in collaboration with the pearl merchant Al-Fardan Looking at the prodigious pearl creation inside an oyster.

According to the Fabergé tradition of a “surprise with a hidden jewel”, the mother- of – pearl outer wheel on the base open six sections to reveal her treasure, the real “jewel of the sea”: a rare gray pearl of 12.17 carats from the Persian Gulf.  It is not only a precious object but a perfect masterpiece, set with 3,305 diamonds and 139 pearls.

Images: Courtesy Fabergé Press Office