It is now a certainty that colours will intensely paint all the outfits of our summer, but  that chromaticism entered so obviously in fine jewelery, it would not be so obvious. And what fine jewelry! Even in the fascinating world of diamonds!

It is precisely the top jewelers who, flattered by the high demand of emerging countries, such as India and China, are increasingly turning their attention to the coloured diamonds.

One of the most amazing and expensive pieces, the price is about 38 million Euros, is the Fascination of Graff Diamonds, a three-in-one convertible jewel. The bracelet, studded with white diamonds, has a pure pear-shaped gem, with a sophisticated mechanism that can be removed and mounted on a ring, to make room for a valuable watch.

Tiffany also continues to enchant with summer colour par excellence, the one that imprisons all the light of the sun and sends it through the intensity of the yellow diamonds. Worn by a glamorous unforgettable Audrey Hepburn in the presentation of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, back in the collections to celebrate unique moments.

And if Harry Winston has captured the colour of the night to pour it in the blue diamond jewelry to be exhibited in the boutique and on the international red carpets, Boucheron celebrates the elegance playing with black diamonds and the animal world.

But not only big names! Our look will gain similar irresistible tones with colourful accessories of some other brand of all respect. So Swarovski has chosen the beautiful testimonial Miranda Kerr to inaugurate the summer with a collection full of colors, sparkling details, luminous materials, which can make dazzling even the simplest outfits.

The fashion collection of Giorgio Armani Privé, inspired by bamboo, is distinguished by refined fabrics and delicacy of the materials that match with jewels which have an Oriental touch. A really unique touch, affordable for everyone, comes from Bijoux Brigitte: every accessory, but in particular necklaces studded with stones in pastel shades of pink and blue, transmit romantic spells and give prestige to the clothes chosen for the most important occasions.

And the fashion shows announce summer with style ideas that are sensual and intriguing but also romantic and sober, always combined with the sense of etiquette. Nothing better, then, if a cascade of genuine and not genuine colourful diamonds go to cheer up the immaculate whiteness of the total white clothes, interpreted in a cultured and refined tone, mixed with orange from Prada with its chaste perfection that seems sometimes to switch off femininity.

But the colouring is also vital to give dynamism to the clean style of Haider Ackermann or to touch the delicate elegance of the pre-Raphaelite clothes by Dries Van Noten.

And finally, how to resist the temptation to add small precious jewelry to the fine robes, long or cocktail dresses with a high waist, or short jumpers with deep necklines, insurmountable and seductive summer creations of Valentino?

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