Perfect fashion beachwear for Summer 2014

Anna Field
Hello pretty ladies! Well well, i talk with you about bikinis but never about beach fashion accessories. How is possible?! i love bags, how is it that I do not ever talk about?!?! So, beach bags must have specific characteristics: they must have the right capacity, to put in body lotion, beach towel, sunglasses, mp3 and the right book. But being  practical does not mean be ugly or not  trendy. My favorites are definitely the straw bags, especially if they are combined with large straw hats to protect themselves from the sun, such as those of H&M.



Seasonal trends provide bags of straw, raffia, PVC or natural fabrics such as denim and cotton. The PVC bags are definitely among the hottest trend for this summer: just for the use of qusto material they have bright colors, dynamic, with small cosmetic bag included to hold the most delicate objects. Among the many trends, there are retrò-style bags,  these bags made ​​from fabric but mostly straw and raffia, real materials must-have in terms of beach bags. Parah, brand specialized in beachwear, focuses on the tip of blue and blue for his model shopper shoulder bag, made ​​of neopropene and also available in glamorous shades like orange and fuchsia. Carpisa proposes straw bags in different sizes, in natural tones or bright (love it!!!!). Also other brands have focused on straw bags, with details that characterize the style and brand. Now, run to choose the one you like the most, and think: choose not only one bag, better be ready for the summer!


Diffusione Tessile

Marc Jacobs

Diffusione Tessile



Christian Lacroix

Parah Collection

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