Mango: perfect for every occasion

I don’t remember if i’ve ever told you i’m in love totally with Mango. It represents, for me, one of the best brands, i love the style, the mood, the tissues, the accessorizes, everything. 
With a brand like this, you can create many different looks for every kind of occasions, you can dare with Mango. So, in this period, thanks to it, i gave to my mum some great gift for her birthday (Mango saved me, i think that the personnel of Mango’ s corner in Messina love me). I choose, on the website, what i consider the must-have for S/S 2013…

I love all of them, because every single piece it’s perfect for a romantic mood or for strong or rock mood. My favorite? The first one. And you? What is you favorite?

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    (26 marzo 2013 - 10:49 am)

    Grazie per il commento, oltre a pensarla uguale sulla Ferragni la pensiamo allo stesso modo anche riguardo Mango! Per me è il paradiso, mi comprerei tutto, infatti molte delle mie cose provengono da lì, anche le scarpe e la bigiotteria…

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