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Hello!!!!!! Are you ready for the weekend, or better for bank holidays? I’ll work, but i hope to have free time cause i’d like to go to the beach for an hour or two.  You know, at the end of June i have an important event and would love to have a slight tan. Now, I’m as white women in 800!! I talked with you about my specialevent and i have to admit that when i saw this collection i thought “omg! I want a dress like this!”. Thanks to my incredible and very talented PR Ale, i have the pleasure to talk with about La Kore, a very glam italian brand. And just the title says, this brand has a vision of woman, with two souls. Everyone knows that women have complex personalities, very multi-faceted: a woman may like A, but may also like B and C. 

So, La Kore  embodies two different but complementary visions of fashion: in fact it offers a bon ton style and ladylike, just as his inspiration and creative Rosanna Cighetti, architect lent to fashion. She has mixed the vision of the architect calibrated and creativity of women, and in 1991 it was born her first atelier where you can find a collection of cocktail dresses and knitwear. Now, she works with her son Andrea Cazzaniga, and together they do grow a brand that has a huge potential and pointing out to conquer the international market (and I hope so, because the brand combines style and quality).

 For Spring/Summer 2014, La Kore offers a collection dynamic, fresh and vibrant in its colors, in its interpretations, always new, of little dresses for the women. Thus, transparencies, polka dots, games of contrasts such as black / white, and different volumes, lace and daring necklines but sensual, floral prints enliven a versatile collection, which is a perfect blend for the day and evening, for social events, but also for casual occasions. A collection where the word “chic” reigns over all. Every piece shows how a double-sided, in fact a double soul: you can be sensual remaining romantic, lively and and slightly shy, colored wearing black. Cause is the color, so bright, eye-catching, and that gives harmony to creations that leave you breathless. Color that does not detract from the fabric covering. 
Collections like this  are not often around, and when you’re lucky enough to find them, you can not help but have at least a little bit. Remember this name, La Kore: you can be sure that will be very successful, and you can tell that you’re ahead “avant mode”.

Pictures: La Kore Press Office

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