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Hi gurls and good Friday! Well, I’m going crazy, I am attending a June wedding, for more than a dear cousin, and I repeat the phrase that every woman at least ten times in her life says, “I have nothing to wear!”. Of course, shopping is in the air, but I know I’ll end up finding something. Among the brands that I’m viewing, I discovered Naughty Dog. This italian brand has been created by young designers and artistic current directions, Simona Guarraci and Laura Pizzi, in 2006. Their idea was to take in the stores sporty chic, casual clothing built around the felpa, personalized and enriched with precious details.

Spring/Summer 2014 Collection follows the basic idea of the brand, and it presents a colorful collection, sporty-casual chic, a perfect mix of two different styles. The collection contains in itself a certain boldness that recalls the American brands, their versatility and their desire to “dress to impress”. So, there’s plenty of room in sweatshirts and shorts, basic pieces of the collection, graphic prints colorful, play of transparency, different lengths, deconstructed and simple dresses that link all about color. Certainly no shortage of jumpsuits, must-have of the season, which are fluctuating and dynamic fain perfect for women who want to have fun. And the sporty style? you’ll wonder. It is given by the combination of sneakers, even wedge, with “Miss” clothing , baseball hats, flat shoes, and above all, a certain amount of self irony. Cause girls, style can be a fun game, especially if you do not take it seriously. 
Simona and Laura continue to travel from coast to coast of America and the world, looking for new inspirations and to translate them into vibrant collections … every day a little ‘more Naughty! Thanks girls, your collection is amazing and a continuous source of inspiration 😉

ps at the end of the post you can find my personal selection of the collection. Enjoy it! 

ps of ps: if you want look whole collection, click here

My personal selection of the collection

Pictures: Naughty Dog Press Office

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