Be Rebel, Be a Queen, maybe a Rebel Queen with Liu Jo

Good Morning nice girls! I hope you started your week in a very good way and that you liked Patrizia Pepe’s Collection. Today, we’ll remain in Italy for the new line of a famous luxury brand. When i saw for the first time the collection, i thought “yes, that’s my style!!! Finally!!”. With great pleasure i show you Rebel Queen, the latest new line of Liu Jo. This collection gives you a boost, a wave of youth, practicality usual glamour world of Liu Jo.

I do not know what your favorite outfit, but it is certainly one of my what comprises a light dress, romantic style but jaunty, paired with biker boots (as you can see in the picture above), and for Spring/Summer 2014 Rebel Queen proposes it in very glamour way, a collection of young, female and only one in which denim and streetwear are the winning mix. Wide t-shirts and very tight skinny pants are the protagonists, denim, in various shades of color, is presented in a skinny version, and it is approached over a mesh with plunging necklines, bare shoulders and lace details; the black top with lace back totally combined with denim, and the top effect sage green lingerie with lace appliqués and denim are two of the top among the most desired by their sensuality and their glam-rock style.
Highlight of the collection is certainly the dress that all women, I first and foremost, I would like indssare everyday: a semi-transparent sage green tunic with cut waist puff here paired with denim shorts rolled, as well as powder pink mini dress with lace details at the edge and in the neck.
I literally adore this collection because it truly represents my style, there are no other words to describe this feeling of contentment and satisfaction every time I see it. Do you know the song “Maria” of Blondie? It cited “She moves like she do not care 
Smooth as silk, cool as air, Ooh it makes you wanna cry, She does not know your name and your heart beats like a subway train “. Here, I thought to wear one of these dresses I feel so.

Pictures: Rebel Queen – Liu Jo

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