Be like an Angel with Victoria’s Secret Bikini

Good Saturday!!! Maybe, you can think i’m crazy cause i have decided to publish another collection of bikinis. I’ve had alciune email me where you have written “there is a crazy cold outside, but this fashion-sea makes me want summer”, so I decided to give a little bit of sunshine to those who have to now the rain outside. And today, I’ll show you the most sexy and glamorous collection in the world, Victoria’s Secret collection.
Many women in the world dream to be like an “angel” of the brand, and it is really hard to be like them. Maybe, one of these bikinis can help us in the “job”.

For Summer 2014, the most famous underwear brand in the world has focused on a lot of color, combined the classic black and white. Among the fantasies, however, find space flowers, a true evergreen, stripes and animal prints. Most bikinis are monochromatic, combined with a slip plain or with laces. Among the bikni two pieces emerge also crop top, must of the season, with sleeves just mentioned or with thin straps. The details, such as ruffles and frills maxi frou frou, damage to the creations look very cool, ribbons crossed on shorts and elements in gold metal: brilliant detail, all this combined with sinuous lines, which enhance the female body. The swimsuits have more sophisticated style and chic, just like the one pictured below, my favorite. You know, Victoria’s Secret celebrates the woman and her sensuality, and its creations are made to not go unnoticed, along with the wearer.
Do you wish to surprise your partner, the people on the beach, or you stess? Well, Victoria’s Secret gives you this opportunity, do not let it escape. Be an “Angel” 😉

 Pictures: Victoria’s Secret

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