Alexandra Harper Millinery Creates Disney-Inspired Headpieces

Good Morning!! Forgive my delay, but sometimes also writes/bloggers need to sleep. So forgive me! I don’t know if you know my sane/insane passion for cinema, I love the magic of the room, getting lost in something new that awakens feelings well known but always wonderful. Magic, fear, surprise, joy, sadness, hilarity here for me this is how I see the movie. The ability to tell something that reaches deep into the human being. Well today I want to tell you about a brand that was inspired by one of the most anticipated films of the season, if not for the story, as the protagonist, Angelia Jolie. I’m talking about Maleficent.

Alexandra Harper is an “old friend” of TAG, so you can understand my joy when i knew that she has created a special collection inspired by MaleficentEntering into Disney’s world of fantasy, imagination and escapism, Alexandra has been commissioned to design four pieces that reference the dark, dramatic beauty of the story’s leading protagonist, an iconic villain first introduced to the big screen in the 1959 edition of ‘Sleeping Beauty’. Miss Harper said: “Working with Disney is an honour. Disney films are timeless, and just like Disney characters and their worlds, millinery is all about the fantastical.  Drawing inspiration from the villainous ‘Maleficent’ character, the first Alexandra Harper Millinery for Disney collection blends luxurious materials in blacks, purples, and even shocking red with just the right amount of Disney magic.”  The collection embodies all the drama and the dark sides of the character, her extreme femininity, the dark side of every woman, given by the unusual shapes and colors dark, fine and extravagant details. The collection is available from May 9th on the site of Alexandra Harper, At the premiere of the film, I will certainly at the cinema, but I think that only you can understand how much I would love to wear a hat in this collection for the occasion.
But good news are not finished, in fact Alexandra will be producing several collections for Disney over the next two years, with the second collection set to be themed around Peter Pan and Tinker Bell. This is slated for release in September 2014. Alexandra Harper has managed to make even the fascinating dark side, so I’m looking forward to seeing the next collections!

Pictures: Forward PR
Photographs by Jenny Brough

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